The Outstanding Beaches of Barbados

What’s your idea of a perfect beach vacation? A calm sea to read a book next to or thrilling waves for super-charged watersports?

Barbados may be a small island but it manages to cram in plenty of beautiful beaches that have something to offer everyone. Each beach is different and depending on your mood you can pick a different beach to visit every day of your holiday. Many associate Barbados with beautiful beaches but few know the extent of the variety that the island has to offer.

Barbados is a paradise of beaches. The island is surrounded by over 70 miles of palm-fringed, white sandy beaches with a sparkling blue sea. You don’t even have to be in the sea to appreciate its beauty, either! A seaside walk will give you a sense of immense calm and serenity. My personal favorite for walking is Brown’s Beach at Carlisle Bay just outside Bridgetown, Barbados’ capital city.

According to Barbados law all beaches on the island are public even though some of them may not appear so at first glance. In Barbados, the rich-and-famous share the beaches with the rest of us!

The island boasts a vast scope of contrasting landscapes and two different bodies of water surrounding the island: the calm Caribbean Sea on its west coast and the crashing waves of the Atlantic Ocean on its east coast. The south coast is a lovely mixture of the two.

Before exploring the beaches of Barbados, know what you’re in for:

– There are no real beaches on the north coast, only steep cliffs. It’s a beautiful area to visit but you cannot go into the water there.

– The east coast beaches are considered to be the some of the most beautiful anywhere because of the lush green undeveloped landscape and the small tidal pools that gather at the shore. However, it’s too dangerous to enter the sea here; this is for pro surfers only! Head over to Cattlewash beach for a picnic at night; you can even light a small campfire and roast marshmallows! Consett, Bath, and Lakes beaches are other beaches lovely to walk along.

– The beaches on the south of the island range from quite calm to mildly active waves. The beaches on the south coast tend to be well equipped with facilities with toilets, shops and showers and very good for families. Dover and Sandy beaches are beautiful, terrific for renting a beach chair and umbrella and chilling out for the day, alternating swimming and relaxing. A south coast beach perfect for windsurfing is the beach at Silverpoint. Miami (also called Enterprise) beach is terrific, too, with a little protected cove popular with families with very young children.

– Southeast Barbados has one of the prettiest beaches in the Caribbean: Crane Beach. It’s a bit rough, because it’s a mixture of Atlantic Sea and a bit of Caribbean, but on most days it’s swimmable. Another is Bottom Bay, hands-down one of the prettiest beaches on earth.

– West coast beaches are as calm as lakes and very beautiful. This is the “Platinum Coast” that Barbados is so famous for. Sandy Lane beach is great for celebrity-watching. Mullins, Paynes Bay, Brandon, Brighton, Half Moon, Six Mens, and others are calm and peaceful and exquisitely beautiful, with crystal clear blue water and white sandy beaches.

Finally a last but very important thing to keep in mind; in Barbados it’s illegal for women to sunbathe topless on any of the beaches so make sure, if you try it, you don’t get caught!

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