65 Watt (400 Watt HID Equivalent) ED37 High Lumen Filament LED Light Bulb

65 Watt (400 Watt HID Equivalent) ED37 High Lumen Filament LED Light Bulb

5000K Daylight EX39 (Mogul) Base, 120-277 Volt, Box

Domestic Code65ED37/FilamentLED/CL/120-277V/EX39/50
Lamp ShapeED37
Energy Used (Watts)65
Lamp BaseEX39
Color Temperature (Kelvin)5000
Life (Hours)25000
Brightness (Lumens)12000
Max. Overall Length (MOL)11.50
Approved WetY
For Use in Total Enclosed Fixt.Y
Beam TypeOMNI Directional
Beam Spread360
Life (Years)*22.8
Estimated Yearly Energy Cost**7.83

 * Based on 3 hrs./day
** Based on 3 hrs./day $.11/kWh
   Cost depends on rates and use.

Westinghouse ED37 (65 Watt) Daylight (5000K) EX39 (Mogul) Base Clear Filament LED Light Bulb 52670

Upgrade to energy-efficient lighting with the 65-watt ED37 LED light bulb. With a longer lifespan and lower energy consumption than traditional 400-watt HID bulbs, it's a cost-effective replacement. Its lightweight design and EX39 mogul base make it easy to install in existing fixtures, while its no color shifting ensures that the color temperature will remain constant over time. An excellent alternative to corn cob LED bulbs, our bulb is ideal for outdoor post-top lanterns, wall pack lighting, and other fixtures with E39 or EX39 sockets.

The 65-watt ED37 LED light bulb has universal mounting, a 120 - 277 voltage range, and built-in surge protection. Perfect for geographical areas affected by voltage fluctuations, this LED light bulb stands up to momentary surges up to 4000 volts in industrial installations and provides instant light with higher light output over its lifetime than HID bulbs.

  • Energy-efficient 65-watt ED37 LED offers lifetime cost savings compared to 400-watt HID and 150-watt CFL bulbs
  • Lighter weight than corn cob LED bulbs with a smaller diameter, require little maintenance, and fit perfectly intto existing fixtures
  • Built-in surge protection to withstand surges up to 4000 volts
  • Quality components ensure optimum lumen output over the bulb's lifetime
  • Long-lasting LED, fewer bulb changes
  • Free of harmful mercury
  • EX39 mogul base works in fixtures with E39 or EX39 sockets
  • Energy-efficient, ballast bypass replacement for 400 Watt HID bulbs
  • Excellent alternative to high-lumen corn cob LED bulbs
  • Ideal replacement for HID bulbs that operate on 277V building mains (must remove transformer or ballast)
  • Use in areas where voltage fluctuations may occur
  • Use in open-rated fixtures and enclosed-rated fixtures where HIDs are typically used
  • Outdoor post-top lanterns
  • Wall pack lighting
  • 11-1/2 inches (L)
  • 4-3/4 inches (D)
  • ED37 LED bulb features universal mounting position, install base up, base down, or horizontal
  • EX39 mogul base works in fixtures with E39 or EX39 sockets
  • Operates with direct line voltage between 120V and 277V
  • Rated for indoor/outdoor use
  • IP65 rating for protection against dust and water jets
  • Approved for use in wet locations
  • Can be used in totally enclosed fixtures
  • Ballast must be bypassed for HID