Lighting Education

Choosing the Right Bulb

So many light bulb options! How do I choose the right light bulb? Westinghouse helps YOU make the right lighting choices...

Brightness (Lumens)

Are My Bulbs Bright Enough?


Bulb Finish

What Bulb Finish is Right for Me?


Bulb Size

Will my Bulb Fit?


Bulb Type

What is the Difference between Bulbs?


CRI Color Rendering Index

What is a Good CRI?


Color Temperature (KELVIN)

What Color Temperature is right for me?


Energy Costs

Which Bulb Will Save Me the Most?


Energy Star®

What does it mean to be ENERGY STAR Certified?


Lighting Facts Label

What does a Lighting Facts label show Me?


Lumen Maintenance & L70 Rating

Why is Lumen Maintenance Important to Me?



Which Bulbs are More Efficient?